Splash Into Summer – Our Favorite Colors To Energize Your Workspace

Splash Into Summer – Our Favorite Colors To Energize Your Workspace

Colors create ideas, inspiration, and emotions within the human mind. So, it makes sense why color in the workplace is an important touch. Whether it’s in an individual office, collaboration area, or conference room – color can improve employee experience by lowering stress levels and boosting mood. Color can boost productivity, creativity, and environmental perception! Pretty cool, right?

When you think about the seasons, what colors come to mind? Check out our blog on spring inspired colors here! Some might associate cool colors with winter, warmer tones with fall, and more vibrant colors with summer. So, with the summer season approaching, we decided to sit down with our very own Director of Design Laura Merrill to find out her top three color choices for this summer!

Summer color vibes are good vibes.

When you think of the summer season what colors come to mind? Maybe it’s the color of sand, or the color of the ocean, or maybe it’s the color of a tropical fruit? Laura’s top color picks for workspaces this summer are:

Kind of looks like the colors you’d find on a beach ball!

Punch things up with Frosted Pomegranate.

Merrill describes the color of Frosted Pomegranate paint as a juicy ripe fruit, emulating a bright and healthy look. You can see it incorporated tastefully into this seating area in one of our projects.

Sunflower paint means abundant sunshine feels for all seasons.

The color of Sunflower paint reminds her of the sunflowers where she grew up in Kazakhstan. “Sunflower oil was produced where I grew up. There were so many sunflowers during the summer season, so I associate this color with sunflowers on a sunny summer day,” said Merrill.

This color can be found throughout our TaskUs project.

Drift away with Bahaman Sea Blue

Merrill compares the shade of Bahaman Sea Blue to a tropical vacation. She also pointed out that blue seems to be a very popular paint color as many clients like some sort of blue incorporated into their space. Infinity Group incorporated this refreshing blue into the walls seen here at our CME Associates project.

Stand out from the crowd with color.

Right now, much of the commercial real estate market needs a refresh. Also, because of COVID-19 vacancies, the market to attract new tenants is competitive. Smart companies are keeping this in mind and investing in their spaces to attract new tenants and retain current ones. Because many properties play it safe and choose a neutral palate, infusing bright and lively colors into your space is one way to positively catch the attention of others.

Invite employees (and culture) back with a splash of color.

As companies return to the office, it’s important to give your employees a workspace they look forward to being in. Adding energizing pops of color is one way to spark creativity and motivate your people. But, what if our clients prefer more calming, neutral colors?

Merrill said, “I don’t ever push anything on my clients but if they want any design recommendations, I’ll suggest certain things. If a client wants to add a splash of color, I will provide them with vibrant color options to browse through. You can still infuse color into a space without going all out.”

Unexpected touches are in!

The orange legs on this chair are a perfect example of a splash of color in a space you might not expect it.

While our expert design team is going to guide you through every step of your project and offer suggestions, it’s important that your space feels like home. We will always do our best to open your eyes to all the possibilities, and the best outcome for all is making sure your vision comes to life. The colors you incorporate into your workspace influence your employees and guests so it’s essential to give it careful consideration. Our design team is standing by – ready to bring your space to life. Let’s talk color, let’s talk about layout, let’s go! Schedule your complimentary workplace strategy call today.