All Schematic Test Fits are NOT Created Equal

You’re looking to upgrade your current workspace but need to test the feasibility of the space before committing.  Where will the additional workstations go? Do you have space for a few conference rooms? Will it accommodate all your needs? Infinity Group is a commercial design and build firm. We know that it is essential for you to envision what is possible for you space. Schematic test fits are drawings that are compiled conceptually whether you are looking to either renovate existing space or move into a new space. Our schematic test fits go in-depth to truly turn your vision into a reality.

Just because another company says they will provide a schematic test fit, it might not be like an Infinity Group Schematic Test Fit.

Our workplace strategy and design team will work with you and your team to understand what you would like to get out of the space. What is the overall culture you are looking to instill within the space?  What are your needs and requirements for the space? See how we can incorporate employee health and wellness into your space. This is your time to shine and share your ideas and visions.

We will handle the rest. We craft a schematic test fit that allows you to see that your program is met. The test fit also gives you an opportunity to see the new space plan and react so that changes can be made if needed. Our team will also provide you with 3-D views and virtual reality walk throughs so you can get a true understanding of the space from that early on phase. Check out this short video to see how our virtual reality experience works!

Your plan for a new space should light you up in the best possible way.

Infinity Group understands that an excellent schematic test fit will activate an emotional connection to your new space. This way, you will have a stronger connection and better idea of what you will get out of a space through the leasing process. Momentum during the leasing process is also important. That’s why we ensure that your test fit turn-around time is quick. This also allows you (or your tenant) to have time to make a thoughtful decision on the space. You can learn more about how we assist in the leasing process here.

So, how do our schematic test fits set us apart?

Infinity Group Director of Client Relations, Corey Edwards, said, “It really starts in the programming phase. We take a deep dive into the culture of the company. We learn about the program needs and how a company utilizes their workspace to achieve their business goals. From there, we put together a test fit that exceeds the typical black and white plan. Instead, it shows how the exact program requirements are met. We also include visuals and inspirational images based on our previous programming session.”

Our team has also developed the Future of Work Blueprint. With it, companies big and small can assess their current goals and priorities and then develop a strategy for how physical square footage can support those goals and priorities.


A simple floor plan doesn’t create much excitement.

Infinity Group provides so much more. We allow your company or tenant to see what the space is going to look like. Our schematic test fit will allow you to make a confident decision when it comes to the next best move for your space. Curious to find out what is possible for your future space? Our team is standing by, ready to deliver you with the necessary tools to envision the office of your dreams. Let’s start brainstorming!