What are you really good at? Maybe there’s a chocolate chip cookie recipe you can nail every single time. Perhaps it’s the way you read that particular bedtime story that can get your kids to sleep in a snap. And then, maybe there’s something about what you do for work, that just plain stands out above the rest. Got something in mind? Good. We do too.

We do stunning office interiors

For us at infinity Group, that’s how we feel about spectacular office interior renovations. We are really good at completing them on time and on budget. And the results and happy clients speak for themselves.

Our COVID-19 portfolio

The COVID-19 pandemic affected so many businesses. Following the stay-at-home orders, we quickly realized that our commercial office interiors sweet spot was going away, at least for a while. Some smart companies used the past year as a time to make major upgrades to their commercial offices while employees were working from home. But most of our inquiries started to look different in 2020. We quickly pivoted to help essential businesses stay in business. That included building workstations for manufacturing companies like Belimo so they could continue to build the components for excellent air handling. We were also tapped to upgrade the interior of Coastal Produce, another company that actually got busier over the past year, getting fresh produce to families across New England. We completed projects for biotech and pharmaceutical companies. And we’re continuing work on a multi-phase project for a company called Vital Nutrients – a vitamin and supplement company that helps people boost immunity and wellness during this uncertain time.

Regardless of project type, we stand by completing quality projects on time and on budget for our clients. As we see companies plan their return to work, we have been able to shift our focus back to commercial office spaces. At Infinity Group we know that an attractive and functional workspace that promotes employee well-being will lead to happier and more productive employees. So, what better way to show you what we do best than to share some of our favorite projects that helped shape our company. Let’s get into it!

Stunning office interiors are making a comeback

Kicking it off with (drum roll please).. TaskUs, a digital customer service company in San Antonio, Texas. Infinity Group transformed this former shopping mall into a space that truly embodies their business goals and values. Our team is proud that we were able to safely complete this project amid a pandemic and give employees a space they would look forward to coming back to. Not only is this workspace filled with vibrant colors and workstations to get you in the zone, but it even has a cool interactive design feature. Check it out in the photo above! Their company name can be seen carved in their lobby wall, designed to be spacious enough for people to sit in. It’s a great place to catch up on emails or take a quick call. You can read the full story here!

Comfort is key

Next, we take you to a consulting company in Hartford, Connecticut. Infinity Group designed this space to feel like home, empower their employees, and showcase their comfortable style. This cool and modern space allows employees and clients to feel at ease the minute they walk in the door. Work from the office with the comforts of home? You’ve got it! A media lounge is topped with a barrel vault ceiling you can see in the photo above. It’s the bridge between quiet work zones and entertainment. – giving employees a flexible place to sit down with a laptop, socialize, or collaborate on a project. This space screams (or maybe softly whispers) cozy and we are here for it.

Having fun with color

Last but not least, we take you to Upward. Upward wanted large training and conferencing rooms themed with bold colors and names. They also wanted to frame sweeping views of the city to inspire creativity across all kinds of groups and industries. Vibrant colors and natural light add a shot of inspiration to this coworking space. You can check out our blog here on why natural light and bright colors is important in the workplace.

The office (with in person collaboration) can help companies achieve their goals through engaged and inspired employees. The office of the future will put wellness and design aesthetic at the forefront when it comes to employees wanting to return to the office. You can explore more of our projects here.

How it started, how it’s going

So yes, it’s been an interesting year for everyone, and we’ve done our best. We’ve done our best as a company to be useful, serve our clients who are looking to make the next best move, and provide essential design and construction power to the industries that kept up moving forward.

While the application of our expertise has looked different over the past year, it’s always been grounded in our purpose. We fight for the employee who loves walking into his job – feeling inspired to do the best work possible. His CEO is happier too because her vision became a reality. From the dream to design, construction to the ribbon cutting, we tackle projects with the right mix of design creativity and project management experience. Ingenuity, integration, and trust – that is how we make work beautiful.