It’s frustrating when things don’t go as planned. That’s especially true in commercial interior design and construction. As a design-driven architecture and construction firm, we understand the importance of making sure your workspace project always goes as planned. There is a common issue that arises for companies and organizations using the traditional method – their workspace project expectations fade as the project wears on.



We deliver quality projects to our clients – completed on time and on budget. Projects like this stunner in downtown Hartford.

The traditional process

Imagine taking the time to carefully plan how to best execute your new workspace project for your company. You hire an architect and make your timeline and budget needs clear. Your architect gets started. And then they turn the plans over to the General Contractor. You will need to increase your budget to make your original dream a reality. The architect is called back or your construction team will value engineer your project. That will, in turn, prolong the timeline of you project completion. This is extremely disappointing. The blame can land on your shoulders. Sounds messy, right?

Our process

Designers, architects, engineers, and general contractors are all stronger together when they are all working under one roof.

How exactly does the Infinity Group method keep your project on time and on budget? Our one team works together to give you a seamless process. There are no hand offs and no risk of miscommunication. You can learn more about our unique process here! Our team always has an intimate knowledge of the design and project intent. That means you will always be certain of the design, function, investment, and schedule from beginning to end.

COVID-19 era projects

Infinity Group continued working on and completing projects in a safe and timely manner throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. NBC Connecticut is just one example. We fulfilled project expectations for this client with a clear timeline and mission. Infinity Group Director of Construction, Martin Gedek said, “They had a tight timeline to get the work done, and we managed the logistics to avoid disruption to their day-to-day work.” Check out the after photos from this project where we reinforced safety for NBC.

Our founders started off in the trades and discovered a problem. Projects are more stressful, complicated, and costly when companies hire an architect, designer, and general contractor separately. Our team is stronger working together and our process goes to prove just that. So, if following through with your project plan is something important to you, then Infinity Group is a great match. Delivering quality projects and meeting expectations gives you the outcomes you deserve. It also means we have many happy clients. It’s simple, when we’re on time and on budget that means your vision is realized. Curious to hear more? Lets chat!