Think about it. What’s your ideal work environment? When you walk through the front door, does the space make you feel at ease? Does sunlight splashing in brighten your morning? Whether it’s a corporate office, manufacturing facility, or a medical space – we promise that there’s a way to actually get people excited to spend time in it. We wrote about it at length in this appropriately titled blog: Your Employees Don’t Want to Return to a Lame Office. People will show up, ready to do their best work and remain productive throughout the workday and clients will love to visit if your space can inspire. If you make work beautiful, great things are in your future.

Realizing potential

If you’ve got dull colors, limited space for movement, and little to no natural light – you’ve got a problem. But we’ve worked with many companies facing the same challenges, and we’ve fixed those problems with good design and careful construction. Take a look at how we maximized natural light and brought the outdoors inside the offices for Fiduciary Investment Advisors. This 13,000 square foot space was redesigned so that it would be open and lively while maximizing beautiful outdoor views. The senior leadership team wanted to create a more comfortable and secure environment for employees who are here daily and for visiting clients as well. This space also features a large hub area and elevated outdoor patio for their team to enjoy and to host community events.

“I would definitely recommend Infinity Group to other businesses. The final product speaks for itself,” said Mark Wetzel of Fiduciary Investment Advisors.

WELL, that’s a good idea

No matter where work is, or what work looks like – these spaces can improve wellbeing. Have you ever heard of WELL spaces? There’s a wealth of information here, but in short: WELL spaces put people first. The WELL building standard covers several categories: air, water, light, comfort, nourishment, fitness, and mind. By aiming to incorporate these elements into your space you and your people will reap the benefits. In fact, the story of how we designed and built our Hartford studio to maximize WELL principals might inspire your next redesign.



Pull back those shades and let there be light!

A little Vitamin D goes a long way. Natural light in the workplace increases exposure to Vitamin D which in turn improves mood leading to happier and more satisfied people. How? Natural light helps regulate the body’s schedule leading us to feel more alert and focused during the day. Studies have shown that Vitamin D plays an important role in easing depression, so It makes sense as to why more sunlight makes people feel happier.

Upward wanted large training and conferencing rooms themed with bold colors and names, framing sweeping views of the city to inspire creativity across all different kinds of groups and industries. Explore this colorful and light-filled Infinity Group project here.

Proper lighting can promote health and wellbeing of your eyesight as well. And when natural light isn’t available, soft, filtered artificial lighting can be powerful too. Take a look at how we helped Marcum increase alertness with the right lighting in their newly finished café area and beyond.

The future is green



A hypothetical tendency to interact or to be closely associated with other forms of life in nature: a desire or tendency to commune with nature.

Source: Merriam-Webster

Spaces that incorporate elements of biophilic design are found to be more attractive and it even improves air quality by removing harmful pollutants. Seems like a win-win, right? So, if you are looking to add a refreshing aesthetic to your space – plants are a good start. Plants have also been shown to reduce the symptoms known as “sick building syndrome” or SBS. Yes, SBS is a real thing! But with thoughtful design, it can be avoided. Sometimes the best way to start is finding plants that are easy to care for like the snake plants we love in our office. Our friends at Bark and Vine Indoor Plant Shop have made online office plant buying nearly fool proof by organizing your options by skill level. Don’t have a green thumb? Start here with some of their beginner-level plants!

Flexibility is key

For some people, the thought of being restricted to one space for the entire day is not very exciting. Comfort in the workplace is essential in the overall productivity and focus of you and your people. By creating a comfortable work environment, many difficult tasks and responsibilities become much easier and more pleasurable to complete. You can literally achieve flexibility with height adjustable desks and computer monitors. You can also give people options for quiet individual work inside solo booths. A clean and organized environment can also help remove distractions and improve concentration levels – so get rid of that clutter!

A better workspace

Infinity Group believes the office will always have its place, but it has got to be better than ever before. As we transition from remote work to in person work, it is important that people have options. Infinity Group is ready to partner with you and deliver the space you and your people will crave. When we accomplish that together, your business goals will be much easier to realize. Contact us today to get started.