Color is a big deal. When it comes to interior design, the right mix of colors can calm your mood and on the other hand – the perfect contrast can create the best kind of drama.

Designing what’s next: color is key

After nearly a year of stay-at-home orders, we’re seeing many of our clients embracing a vibrant, arms wide open spirit when it comes to color selection. Think about it – when it’s time to get back together, it’s going to feel like a major celebration.

As people are redesigning spaces for a return to work, they are preparing high energy and collaboration. We caught up with Infinity Group’s Architectural Designer Paulina Martinczak to learn which colors are at the top of her go-to list for this 2021 season – the spring of all springs. Spoiler alert – she’s wearing a pop of one of her favorite colors in the photo bellow in our design library.

Outside in – green for the win!

  1. Benjamin Moore Avocado 2145-10

Paulina: When I look at my closet, army green is the color that I see the most. I love this earthy and natural shade of green. One of the first signs of spring in many areas are the rich, but tiny, green spike foliage that comes with crocuses. I believe this color speaks to the color trends of this year and the nature and biophilic influences that I have been seeing. In our recently completed project in San Antonio, Texas, Infinity group utilized introduced this rich hue in the “K” of the TaskUs logo wall. Did you know that the letters are so big (and comfy) that employees are encouraged to lounge inside the cutouts? Pretty cool right?

Soothing blue

  1. Benjamin Moore Silvery Blue 1647

Paulina: My go to color is always a shade of blue. I believe that blue is a color that is universal and enjoyed by all genders and ages. It evokes a feeling of calmness and serenity and it encourages a feeling of health and wellness. This color in particular is a lighter shade and on the grayish hue, which follows the color trends of the past few years. In this space, you can see how different light temperatures and angles can really change the look of one shade. That’s why I always advise our clients to pick a color and consider it with a physical sample in real life (not only on a screen).

An energetic chartreuse punch

  1. Benjamin Moore Citron 2021-30

Finally, when I am searching for a loud and bold color choice Citron is a winner. Since it is so bold, I would use this color sparingly, in perhaps furniture or accent pieces. Carrying this tone along the underbelly of this escalator in one of our recently completed projects is an excellent way to make a statement without overwhelming the space. This chartreuse-inspired shade happens to be my favorite color, and I absolutely love how it is in between a green and yellow shade. I enjoy how people perceive the color differently and can never pinpoint the hue!

Color is one powerful way to reinvent your space. Spark your creativity with a free consultation with our expert in house designers by dropping us a line here. Embrace the extra sunlight and goodness that comes with this season of revitalization. Happy Spring!