You’re ready

You’ve decided to turn your dream space into a reality. You hired a designer, architect, and general contractor, finalized your design, and determined your budget and timeframe. Now, it’s time to put it all together. But, somewhere along the way the value of the project increased. The budget you set has now tripled. The team you hired must go back and create new drawings to reduce costs which prolongs the timeline. Not only are you off schedule but design expectations begin to fade away. Your dream just turned into a nightmare. That’s value engineering for you.

Lightbulb Moment

Our founders started off in the trades and discovered a problem. Projects are more stressful, complicated, and costly when companies hire an architect, designer, and general contractor separately. Infinity Group came up with a solution – Designers, architects, engineers, and general contractors all working under one roof with one goal. A one-stop-shop. Your single point of accountability. Infinity Group assumes the risk so that our clients don’t have to. So, working with Infinity Group means you can kiss value engineering goodbye.

Value Engineering Doesn’t Have to Happen

The risk is not worth the reward. The traditional method carries substantial risk of running into value engineering. Infinity Group’s Director of Client Relations, Corey Edwards, said, “Value engineering is just unnecessary, and our method goes to prove that.”

Corey added that, “As we work and design with our clients we give them progressive costing from the start and separate pricing for any additional designs whether they want to move forward with it or feel that it’s not worth it.”

Infinity Group clients know the value of our method. Had they gone with the traditional approach in some of these recent projects, they may have faced value engineering and missed out on some of the most memorable features of their spaces.

Take a look at this consulting company in Hartford, Connecticut for example. Infinity Group was able to creatively source and construct a barrel vault ceiling that gives off a cool and modern design vibe with no substantial effect on costing.

TaskUs, a Digital Customer Service Company, In San Antonio TX wanted their new offices to embody their ‘be ridiculous’ slogan and Infinity Group was tasked with the design, engineering, and construction. Their company name was engraved in the wall, adding fun hideaway spaces for guests and employees. This was a feature we were able to incorporate into the overall design and construction without exceeding their budget. When clients are happy and on budget it’s a win-win.

When Sun Communities needed a total refresh of multiple buildings – loaded with amenities – they turned to Infinity Group. The gas fireplace positioned at the entry was just another way our team was able to add a defining feature to their space without disrupting their budget.

Why Our Approach Works

In the model above you can see that Infinity Group’s method is less complicated and less timely than the traditional method. No hand offs, no budget spikes, and no delay. Learn more about the range of commercial and industrial spaces we can handle with ease. Unlike the traditional method there is no separation between teams which means there is no chance of miscommunication. Because our team works under one roof, they can provide design and project costing early on and have an intimate knowledge of the design and intent. Our designs will always fit your budget so no need to worry about any curve balls. From beginning to end, you will always be certain of the design, function, investment, and schedule.

What Can Our Method Do For You?

Besides saving you time, headaches, and money, we can deliver you a final project that makes your heart sing. With a single point of accountability, we can make sure your dreams don’t get off track. That means the parts of your project that you’re really excited about – the statement walls, the unconventional cafés, the pop-up workstations made of iron and reclaimed wood – you get the picture – can still happen! Contact our team today, and never worry about value engineering again.