(especially in reference to the Danish lifestyle) the feeling of coziness and contentment evoked by simple comforts, as being wrapped in a blanket, having good conversations, enjoying food, etc

Source: dictionary.com.

Hygge has a home at work

The concept of hygge has been popular in residential design for a few years now, so it was only a matter of time before the Danish feeling weaved its way into other spaces. The blending of residential and commercial design – known as resi-mercial design – is widely sought after and hygge takes it a step further. Bottom line, making a space feel cozy and welcoming is having a moment.

It’s a vibe

It’s important to remember that hygge is a feeling, and not necessarily a tangible thing. However, it’s also true that certain colors, textures, lighting, company, and acoustics can combine to be larger than the sum of their parts. The right mix can help set and maintain the right mood for hygge to flourish in an environment. A gorgeous workspace can check off all the boxes and still miss the mark if there isn’t a deliberate conversation about the culture you are trying to cultivate in it.

Warm wood, soft textures galore

The Infinity Group project that comes to mind when we are talking about hygge is a space that we completed for a consulting company in Hartford, CT with headquarters in Seattle, WA. We’re talking about all the comforts of home, impeccably designed to also support the necessary functions of a commercial workspace. We’re talking crushed velvet seating with raw wood accent tables gathered atop a beige and mustard area rug. Curated bookshelves line the walls near high-top counter work areas. Soft visual texture is achieved with unique carpet. In the café, painted tin ceiling tiles add texture and interest. See more photos from this project here.

Curl up by the fire

When Sun Communities needed a total refresh of multiple buildings loaded with amenities at their Southington, CT location, they turned to Infinity Group. The project at the 55+ community is anchored by a cozy lobby with a gas fireplace, and it also includes a new fitness and yoga center, as well as numerous cafe areas for staff and residents.

“Throughout the project you’ll find nods to the community’s brand colors, while a smooth neutral palette invokes an overall experience of calm and open-heartedness.” -Infinity Group Director of Design Laura Merrill

Relax… inside your logo?

Seriously! Our talented design team was tasked with creating a large enough logo for employees to sit inside of. Whether it’s taking a quick call or answering an email on your phone – It can all be done inside the comfort of a T, A, S, K, U, or S. Beyond that feature, the digital customer service company, headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, wanted their new offices to embody their ‘be ridiculous’ slogan. A repurposed space inside a former San Antonio, TX shopping mall was the place to do it.

The soft and brightly colored booths are a comfortable respite from the larger, more social areas of this space. Remember, hygge is also about warm conversations. There are places all over this project where you can comfortably gather with one, or more coworkers to dream up the next big idea. A dedicated wellness room is also available for employees looking for a meditation or massage break. Explore this interesting project here.

Cozy in a warehouse? Yes.

Right now, Infinity Group crews are completing a major workspace project in the middle of a manufacturing warehouse. We’re essentially building a two-story office building inside of a warehouse! The new space needs to be quiet enough to complete focused, individual work. But it still needs to have a view of the manufacturing floor that surrounds it. When completed, this space for machining manufacturer Belimo will be a comfortable hub inside an otherwise noisy space.

The essence of hygge is something smart leaders are keeping in mind. Think about it, many people have been working from home for months. Just like the initial adjustment of remote work, returning to the office will also be a transition. Attention to making the space welcoming will be an important component in any redesign program. Contact our team of designers to start planning your next project today.