Dear office,

I know I’ve been a little distant these days. It’s complicated. But it’s not you, it’s everything else going on. I really like seeing you! I know we’ve been off and on (mostly off) in 2020, but in 2021 I’m ready to commit. Why? I know good things happen when we’re together.

Yours truly,


OK, so it’s not that simple, but it might sum things up for people who are having mixed feelings about remote work nearly a year into the COVID-19 pandemic. While there are plenty of statistics proving the value and popularity of remote work, many are also missing the certainty that comes with a predictable schedule and office routine that gets them out of the house. The physical office is a way for employees to get a dedicated place to get work done away from the demands of home. It literally creates space between home and work life.

Finding joy at work

We recently caught up with Melannie from Connex Credit Union as she was moving into her sparkling new workspace designed and built by Infinity Group. Yes, there is still so much in the world that feels out of our control, but moments like this remind us of our purpose through it all. We Make Work Beautiful and that has a real and lasting impact on people.

The Future of Work Blueprint

A little about us – Infinity Group design and builds beautiful spaces across the country, and we’ve been safely completing projects throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Questions from our clients and our research-driven answers are how Infinity Group’s Future of Work Blueprint was born. It’s a simple guide with scenarios and floor plans that will spark ideas about the right way for you to return to your space. You can learn more about our Future of Work Blueprint here.

Workspaces should inspire

While so many employees have been remote in 2020, some companies have taken the opportunity to upgrade their workspaces or build brand new. One of our favorite places for office inspiration is Office Snapshots. They published their list of their top 25 most popular offices of 2020, you can see that inspiring countdown here.

With enhanced safety measures, we have completed projects in multiple states in 2020 and 2021. Infinity Group transformed a former mill into a pharmaceutical office. See the Metrum Research Group project here.

Check out how we also helped a news media company. They wanted to safely bring their employees back to their Connecticut studio and workspaces. They trusted Infinity Group to audit their space for COVID-19 safety compliance as well as deliver a custom, secure solution that elegantly integrated into their existing aesthetic.

And at our TaskUs project, love comes in many colors – 17 to be exact! The investment made into their finished space includes a wellness room and more. There’s a gorgeous café, and a lobby inspired by an ‘enchanted forest’ theme. This new take on their 77,000 square feet will lift the hearts and spirits for years.


We can help you write the next chapter of your workspace story. Let’s go.