Biotech Offices – Slat Walls and Modern Warm Lighting

Biotech Offices – Slat Walls and Modern Warm Lighting

Biotech Offices – Slat Walls and Modern Warm Lighting

With functionality and aesthetics in mind, a biotechnology company partnered with Infinity Group to expand their office space.

When you enter the Biotech offices, you will notice the beautiful natural wood slat walls arching over minimalist glass doors finished with matte black hardware. Looking through glass, bright pops of orange mix with a soothing white palette as you enter the workspace. All workstations were built with space and frosted glass in between them to allow the natural light to flow through the space with ease, while keeping employees properly distanced. Nearly floor to ceiling windows bring the outdoors inside, and the bright color palette keeps the energy high throughout the renovated office.

The demolition required in the project was extensive, and many walls were removed to open up the floor-plan for a better flow. Across the center of the floor-plan, Infinity Group crews installed private offices encased in glass to keep sight lines clean and promote an open feeling throughout.

In the meeting rooms, modern lighting was installed with dimmer functionality to keep the mood flexible. Features like this mix perfectly with the rather industrial-feeling shell that the office is located in. Original brick walls and wood floors were salvaged and incorporated into the design seamlessly. Infinity Group’s attention to detail can be found around every corner of this renovated space, and our favorite feature is one that doesn’t show up in pictures – the company we created this for partnered with our team every step of the way, and together, we found the best way to get the work done and bring it to a beautiful finish.

Our in-house designers, architects, engineers, and builders are all on the same team, saving you time and money on your projects. From our initial schematic design test fits, we can forecast real-time accurate projects cost and timeline.  going back and forth with 2-4 different companies and hoping they all align from not just a design and aesthetic perspective, but from a strategy and architecture standpoint, can be overwhelming and is further justification that the traditional way is flawed. Set up a time to speak with our workplace strategy team and learn how you can create a space your employees want to go into and thrive doing their best work.