How Office Design Can Attract Top Millennial Talent

Office Design for Millennial Talent

Millennials are changing the workplace.  They are tech-savvy, diverse, connected and on a mission to change the world. The competition for the best new talent has never been more fierce. Companies are doing whatever they can to attract and recruit top talent with vision and technical competency. Most importantly, these future leaders are now taking the workplace by storm. They are changing attitudes about work while creating new ways of getting things done.  Therefore, demanding office design that can adapt to their needs.

Keep reading to learn some of the key elements that make workplaces most attractive to Millennials.


Collaborative work areas

Most noteworthy, Millennials prefer to work collaboratively.  Certainly, they appreciate an office design that is both active and adaptable. Employees in past generations would have a meeting in a conference room. Whereas, many Millennials want to have access to areas where they can gather with their laptops, throw visuals up on a screen and work together.

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How does your office space foster a collaborative environment? Most importantly, consider how your space can be adapted to be more collaborative and active.


Technology that lets them work on the move

If anything is true about Millennials, it is that they are the most tech-savvy and connected generation in history. They need surroundings that help them work from anywhere. Above all, Millennials do not need to be at their desks or even in their offices to get things done. Most noteworthy, they want environments and cultures that support this.

Perhaps video conferencing technology that lets people work together, from home. Maybe multiple offices or lounge areas within an office equipped with movable furniture, multiple ports and probably a lot of outlets.


Amenities that wow them

Certainly, you want the best talent and your lobby and office space need to not only welcome, but also impress them. Even more, if your office feels closed in and features the dark furniture that characterized past decades, chances are you will get a “thanks, but no thanks” from this generation. Certainly these are the employees who came of age hearing about the amenities of companies like Facebook and Google. They expect comforts like on-site cafes, healthy eating alternatives in the dining facilities and on-site gyms.

Many cafe areas now incorporate things like high-end cappuccino machines as well as small movable tables, Wi-Fi access, smart boards and screens for collaborative work.

Millennial-friendly dining areas go way beyond yesterday’s breakrooms with vending machines that dispensed stale candy bars and tuna sandwiches. Therefore, today’s vending machines have been updated to offer quick and healthy snacks.

When you walk into an office dining area today, you will find bright colored lounge chairs, sofas and screens that show news and sports. These are destinations that are open throughout the day offering a place to eat and meet.

Finally, for those fitness-loving Millennials, we have been asked to install fitness centers throughout different office buildings to encourage employee well-being.


For companies looking to stay ahead of the curve, attracting Millennial talent is essential. Failing to integrate new ways to doing business in today’s dynamic environment is not an option.


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