About Infinity Group

Designing beautiful workspaces so organizations & their employees can reach their full potential.

A Message From Our CEO

For over 15 years, Infinity Group has been creating inspiring workspaces. Our founders started off in the trades and discovered a problem. Projects are more stressful, complicated, and costly when companies hire an architect, designer, and builder separately.

Infinity Group is the solution because we know together, we can do more.

Today, we fight for the employee who loves walking into his job - feeling inspired to do the best work possible. His CEO is happier too, because she knows a more supportive office culture helps her attract and keep the next generation of leaders. From the dream to design, construction to the ribbon cutting, we tackle projects with the right mix of design creativity and project management experience. Ingenuity, integration, and trust - that’s how we make work beautiful.

Regards, About
Verne Markham