Empowering Human Potential

Redefining the design and delivery experience, we create workspaces where culture thrives, branding is strengthened, and investments are realized.


Empowering human potential is at the core of what we do – both with our team and in what we do for our clients. By utilizing our skills and gaining insight from our clients, we identify all the possibilities to design and build a workspace that is unique and effective for the success of each user group. Our concentric team structure surrounds each client and creates a seamless project journey.






Jay Wilson Director
Lana Edwards Team Administrator
Danielle Lorusso Finance Director
Liz Martland Creative Marketing Manager
Verne Markham Client Experience Director
Joe Wilson Client Partner
Corey Edwards Client Partner
Ron Wilson Client Partner
Janelle Castonguay FF&E Strategist
Amanda Corso Design Strategist
Savannah Dominguez Design Strategist
Laura Merrill Design Strategist
Blake Leonard VP of Architectural Design & Project Delivery
Justin Robarge Architectural Designer
Terrel Davis Architectural Designer
Chris Larsen Project Delivery Director
Andrew Gladoun Project Lead
Barry Rider Project Lead
Travis Cousineau Project Lead
Daniel Powell Project Lead

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