It’s March again.

Last year at this time, COVID-19 cases were just starting to make the news here in the United States. We were still traveling, hugging, and gathering with loved ones. We were also commuting and celebrating birthdays with sheet cakes in the office. We were collaborating in conference rooms, meeting deadlines in high rises, and working hard for clients. We were meeting new people at business happy hours and closing deals with handshakes. Remember all that? For us at Infinity Group the future was bright at the beginning of 2020.

The opportunities were everywhere

You see, Infinity Group had hit a tipping point just months before the COVID-19 stay-at home orders. We had reached a beautiful inflection point in the story of our business. Our founders created a better way to create a beautiful space that achieved serious business goals for our clients, and more smart leaders than ever before were ditching the traditional method. The Infinity Group method – where our clients get strategy, design, architecture, engineering, and construction all in one package with our team was the new gold standard. It still is. It’s true, we had big projects in process and in the pipeline. We’re talking dream clients who were energized by our creative team and ready to invest in the spaces of their dreams because their employees deserved it. They deserved it. These savvy CEOs, HR Managers, Real Estate Professionals, and Facilities Mangers also knew that investing in better spaces for the people they served isn’t just a trend, it’s a sound, win-win business strategy.

Then, you know what happened. Just like the rest of the planet, we have been personally impacted by friends and family members getting COVID-19 and not everyone recovered. The scale of the human toll of this pandemic is difficult to process and comprehend.

But there is one thing that we know for sure

It’s all about human connection. Before COVID-19, during, and most definitely after. And that’s where we pick things up at this moment. As we write this, infection rates are down, and vaccination rates are up. Our most vulnerable family members, friends, neighbors, and coworkers now have the opportunity to get a shot. And while Infinity Group never stopped working safely completing projects over the last year, we have never been more optimistic about the future.

The spring of all springs starts today

Historically, spring has always been a time for renewal. It’s a season that ushers in more sunlight, more greenery, and this year it will mark the beginning of something new for many: the return to the office following a diminishing global pandemic. The office will never be the same, and the way we work has forever changed. Is the space you left last March the space you want to return to today? Do you have too much square footage? Maybe you have too little now? These are just two big questions to kick off your own strategizing as you plot your return. We humbly offer a third question that should underpin any thoughtful return strategy: What is best for the people who will use this space?

We created a Future of Work Blueprint to get you started, but it’s best to go through it with our expert team to answer your own unique questions in real time.

Flexibility rules

It will be important to be nimble as you envision your new workspace and the schedules and needs of your people. We invite you to treat this like any major milestone: don’t go it alone. Our team is ready to help you get started, contact us today for an open conversation about the next best steps. Let’s design the future together.


Verne Markham


Infinity Group