What’s it like to be a commercial interior designer at Infinity Group? In this behind the scenes blog, we follow along with Austin-based Infinity Group Workspace Designer Kaley Slater.

Strong start

Kaley starts her day with a big coffee and a bagel when she has time. But sometimes coffee from home does the trick. It’s the fuel she needs for the commute into our Infinity Group office in downtown Austin.

“There are a lot of opportunities in Austin, a lot of creative people, and a no day is ever the same,” said Kaley.

She arrives at our Austin space – right down the street from the state capital building. It’s always a beautiful view on her way in.

Once she’s at the lobby, Kaley checks for deliveries. We get sample books in the mail, and then she will bring everything to the office and pick some of her favorites. She also gets prepared for any scheduled meetings for the day.

“It’s just like making your bed in the morning. If you have a good start to the day, the rest of the day can go as planned,” Kaley said.

Kaley also appreciates the spontaneity of the design world. Because she has a good foundation with her routine, it allows space for the pleasantly unexpected. This is the fun stuff in design.

Planning for success

Her first meeting of the day is usually the morning Design meeting with Director of Design Laura Tremko and fellow Workplace Designer Olivia Powers. In this meeting, they collaborate and inspire each other with what they’re working on. They also go over tasks for the day. Take a look at this project our design team created in Bee Cave, Texas.

After the meeting, Kaley gets on a video all with the Director of Client Relations Corey Edwards. They discuss a new client opportunity in the Austin area. On this meeting, Corey explains the client’s program requirements and any general guidelines. Kaley offers her input, and then gets to work on starting this project in Revit. Revit is the design and architecture software she uses.

Creative designs, unique to each client

“No project is the same, and the clients are never the same. It’s almost like solving a new puzzle. That’s when I feel most creative,” said Kaley.

Then, she gets lunch with others in the Austin office. There are great burger spots and taco places nearby.

Another coffee after lunch is usually in order.

In the afternoon, it’s usually all about design and floor plan layout work in Revit. And sometimes, she also also finds inspiration photos, color palates, and perspective images.

“Sometimes I save this creative work for the afternoon, since it’s quite different from the more technical work I do,” said Kaley.

Our Infinity Group Design team is ready to get to work on your next project. Contact them today to get started on your commercial design and build project. We also offer the Infinity Group Virtual Reality Experience. You can learn more about that here. And our Infinity Group projects page is always a good place to start for inspiration.