What “Make Work Beautiful” Really Means

Have you ever walked into your office, at home or at work, and thought that it really needed a refresh? If you’re like most people there are messy piles of paper, standard office furniture, and less than inspiring colors. Think grey on grey on grey cubicles with a pop of dark grey in your office chair that’s missing an arm or some foam from the spot in your seat that got caught on your keys last winter.  Don’t even get me started on lighting! Good lighting can make your space feel bigger and brighter, bad lighting can simply drain you. Perhaps you remember the classic Seinfeld episode?

It doesn’t have to be this way! Changing this experience for people in offices all over the country is why we’re in business at Infinity Group.

Now for a moment, imagine what the opposite experience could feel like. You walk through the doors of your new office and you are welcomed by an open space with big windows splashing sunlight across the faces of your happy coworkers. The smell of freshly baked banana chocolate chip muffins are wafting from the expansive kitchen area. The wide plank wood floors in the entrance give way to carpet in a beautiful shade of moody blue and your workstation and chair look more like furniture you’d see at home than in the office. This is getting good. We’re talking real wood with real grain and real texture on your desk. Believe it! Plants, plants, and more plants freshen up the air and the mood. Have you ever seen a spider plant that spins off little baby spider plants? Imagine that dangling over one corner of your desk.

Making this experience a reality for employees in offices big and small across the country is literally how we make “work” beautiful.

That’s why at the beginning of 2020, we decided to change our tagline to Make Work Beautiful. The tagline feels like us, it fits like a beautiful glove, and it tells you what we do. We make work beautiful with design, and as the single point of contact for projects, we make work beautiful for facilities managers when we bring a project to a hassle-free 100% completion.

While our work involves some pretty incredible transformations like the one featured here, there are simple things you can do to make work beautiful, with a little less commitment.

If you’re trying one of these ideas below, snap a picture and use the hashtag #MakeWorkBeautiful for a chance to with a special gift from our designers!

  1. Start right now
  • You can make work beautiful with what you have, where you are right now. Organize your papers and file any away anything that doesn’t need your attention right away in some file folders that make you smile. We must look at them anyways, might as well find a folder color that makes you happy. Use that recycling bin for anything that you don’t need anymore.
  1. Get yourself an inbox
  • You can find them for relatively cheap at a big box store. This one is currently 50% off, or you can even use the top of a nice shoe box. An inbox will make sure that the order you’ve created is maintained as new papers and mail inevitably head your way.
  1. Plant a plant and let it grow
  • One of the simple pleasures in a refreshed workspace is something green and growing. Succulents are always a safe bet because they’re easy to keep alive with a little misting. Cut flowers are also great to add an instant burst of color.
  1. Set the tone
  • Every major music streaming service has some pretty solid options for work and study music. YouTube has free playlists with tracks to help you concentrate. Whether it’s in your earbuds or piping out of a speaker, some uplifting tunes may be the missing link in your workflow reboot.
  1. Be patient with your progress
  • While changing up your space or routine can feel energizing, old habits die hard. Your pile of to dos and papers may quickly return. But at the core of what it means to make work beautiful, we must remember that sometimes beautiful takes time. That’s ok. Take your time as you build one successful change onto another in your workspace.

If we each challenge ourselves to do our best each day and introduce a new perspective occasionally, we can keep the energy high in our personal and professional workspaces. Now it’s time to pick something that speaks to you, make the change, snap a picture and share it with #MakeWorkBeautiful.

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