2020 Will be a Big Year for Infinity Group

Happy New Year to everyone in the Infinity Group family! We’re looking forward to a tremendous year and an even bigger decade ahead for all of us. At Infinity Group, we have a bold vision for what our collective future could look like. We believe every workspace should be beautifully designed so that people and organizations reach their full potential. How can we help make this dream a reality? Well, to start, it’s in our DNA of our growing company.

If you don’t know us yet, or if you’re getting reacquainted with us, here’s a little about what we do and how we do it. We are a firm that designs and builds beautiful workspaces for clients across the United States. We’re here to guide people through every aspect of the journey: from the idea to when it becomes reality and employees are thriving.

And we practice these principals in our own office. We know that people are the most important factor in building a healthy workplace culture. Did you know that our own Design Strategist Amanda Corso designed the newly unveiled Infinity Group studio in downtown Hartford, Connecticut? Her creativity and intentional touches are everywhere in the best possible way. With features like a living wall along the entry, an open concept kitchen, and a group workspace that feels more like a living room than a conference room – we are doing our own work in the type of workspace we craft for the companies we partner with. Is your space in need of an upgrade?

We also worked with Gina Fox in the first week of 2020. Gina led the Infinity Group team in a workshop called, “Your Impact on Others”. In it, she helped us explore how our individual motivation to succeed impacts others. She taught us how we can lean into the best parts of our professional style while also helping our collaborators rise up and thrive. Gina works for Mind Gym, and according to her resume, “she facilitates high energy presentations that fine tune leadership skills of managers at all levels, from first line to senior executives in a variety of organizations, including education, retail, healthcare, and nonprofit. She also successfully influences executives to enhance communication, interpersonal relations, stress management and work-life balance.”

In short, Gina helped us bring out the best in our team that day, while building a solid foundation for moving ahead with intention.

At Infinity Group, we do incredible things for our clients, but the bottom line is that we make work beautiful.

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