The Future of Workplace Branding – AV

“Dan Goldstein, CMO of AVIXA, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association, dives deep into the many audiovisual tactics design professionals can utilize in the workplace of the future.

eBay’s Silicon Valley Corporate Campus – Credit: ESI Design

Audiovisual technology is a vital component of modern workplace design that reaches far beyond the traditional capabilities of office monitors and speakers. The number of audiovisual technologies that can augment a space or provide a new design opportunity is growing year-over-year, and thus it’s more important than ever for workplace design professionals to consider how these new tools can improve a space’s utility and aesthetics.

The case studies referenced here highlight how various technologies are enabling companies to optimize space with smaller video conferencing rooms, engage employees and visitors with branded interactive experiences, create war-room like spaces with dozens of instantly responsive displays and even improve employee health and well-being through lighting automation.

In Video Conferencing, Every Inch Counts

As the world’s leading jobs website with 21 offices around the globe, Indeed has significant motivation to provide its employees with remote collaboration tools that are simple to use and deliver the best virtual meeting experience possible. Employing more than 8,900 workers, the company also stands to benefit from space-optimizing designs, including the now-popular huddle room concept. Following a video conference with an outside partner that was using new camera technology, Indeed saw that it could improve both its ease of collaboration and space utilization…”

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Article Author: Dan Goldstein

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