Why Architects are the New Brand Storytellers

“Companies are now turning to architects and designers to provide them with an experiential space that has meaning, authenticity, and tells their brand story. Are Architects the new Brand storytellers?”

Why Architects are the New Brand Storytellers

Storytelling in Workspaces 

Today, designers are just as valuable brand storytellers as any marketing campaign. We are social scientists. We have the ability to impact human behavior through our design decisions, influencing emotional connection to space in such a way to spark a sense of belonging and purpose.

This is no truer than in the workplace, as companies increasingly leverage the experience of space as a window into who they are. There’s a growing recognition of how meaningful design can transform corporate cultures and positively impact business performance. Now, more than ever, companies seek out designers that can provide deeper meaning and authentic experiences within the environments we create – they look to us to tell the story of their brand.


Why Architects are the New Brand Storytellers

Every Voice Matters at Unilever

We enter into every project by asking the why of it. Regardless of client, location or market, designers must remember we are designing for people, first and foremost. At Perkins and Will, we keep our eyes and ears open to every nuance, to every why? and how come? to develop highly branded experiences with a level engagement and emotional connection that sets our clients apart…”

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