We design and build beautiful workspaces. We spread the power of wellness at work through inspiring design, unmatched responsibility, and unshakable trust. 

What “Make Work Beautiful” Really Means

Have you ever walked into your office, at home or at work, and thought that it really needed a refresh? If you’re like most people there are messy piles of paper, standard office furniture, and less than inspiring colors. Think grey on grey on grey cubicles with a pop of dark grey in your office […]


Attracting Top Talent, Celebrating Growth

A beautifully designed space can be part of the winning equation. Infinity Group believes that every workspace should be beautifully designed so that people and organizations reach their full potential.


2020 Will be a Big Year for Infinity Group

Happy New Year to everyone in the Infinity Group family! We’re looking forward to a tremendous year and an even bigger decade ahead for all of us.